Typing Chinese in Microsoft Word


(as configured in language lab)


First, choose Chinese (PRC) [labeled as CH] from the language bar located either at the bottom or top of your screen, as seen on the following screen (language bar at the bottom as part of the taskbar):



Type the pinyin for either single characters or multi-character words and tap the space bar to get Chinese characters/words onto the screen:



If the word/character given is not what you want, use the left arrow key to show the other choices having the same pronunciation and then use either the number keys or the mouse to select the right one:



You can toggle between simplified and traditional Chinese characters by clicking on the "Charset" button to the right of the punctuation marks on the language bar.  If the "Charset" button is not there, you can pull down the option menu at the extreme right of the language bar and check the "Charset" choice :



You can choose between Chinese style punctuation marks or English style ones by clicking on the button to the left of the simplified/traditional choice button:



You can toggle between English and Chinese either by choosing English [labeled as EN] on the language bar or by clicking on the button right of the [EN/CH] choice or by tapping on the shift key:



You have a further choice between typing English in double byte or single byte by clicking on the button to the right of Chinese/English button.  Double byte takes up the same space as Chinese characters whereas single byte takes up the same space as English ascii symbols.  Double byte gives you a full moon icon whereas single byte gives you a half moon icon: